10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

James is a sweet shy gentleman whose ears perk up everytime he hears someone say, “Will you please collect my slippers from the drawing room?” He looking to be of service on your lap or in your kitchen collecting crumbs. This dapper dude takes his time getting to know people and doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his little body. If you like to party all night, James might quietly judge you. He’d prefer life on the quieter side, reading Lonely Planet guides, fantasizing about beach vacations.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

James is a sweet little guy who has really chill but fun and friendly energy. He is a food-loving (he likes everything and totally lives for meal time and treats!) guy who loves a nice chest or belly rub, and who likes to people-watch and dog-watch on walks. James appears to be mostly house trained. He has peed a few times in the house, but he found a potty pad each time; I think we just haven’t quite figured out his signals for potty-time yet. James doesn’t appear to be familiar with very many verbal commands, but he responds really well to gentle verbal correction if he’s doing something we’d rather he didn’t do (such as jump on the furniture, which is off-limits to fosters in our house). His intake notes described him as shy, but we haven’t seen that side of him at all. He will calmly accept scritches from strangers on walks and from new people who visit our home. James doesn’t appear to spook or become agitated easily: he’s been a little curious but completely unbothered by construction sounds and equipment, scooters, bikes, squirrels, cats, and nearby small humans. When we picked him up from Muttville, he curled up in a ball in the car and went right to sleep.

If James were a person, he’d have to show ID when trying to use his senior discount because he would not appear old enough to qualify! He has an adorable, youthful puppy-trot, and despite being diagnosed with back/neck pain, he’s agile on walks, on stairs, and during playtime. We’d categorize James as being on the border between low and medium energy – he gets spurts of energy for play time and walks, and then otherwise just likes to chill and monitor all happenings in/near the kitchen. At night time and nap times, he burrows under his blankets for maximum comfort. He likes to sleep in a little in the mornings, but will pop right up when you announce that breakfast is served. James will make an amazing companion for someone looking for an easygoing furry friend. One look at his adorable underbite and you’ll be hooked forever!

We’re delighted to report that James is currently in a loving and caring home!

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