20 lbs (medium)
Est. age: 8 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Where am I? Who cares, this place rocks! And who are you? Oh, you’re my best friend! Irene is a chill and easygoing lady who gets along with all dogs and people; nothing ruffles her feathers. She’s on the generous side for a small dog, so you won’t have to worry about misplacing her along with your keys and sunglasses. Bonus: Simply MacGyver her tail to your electrical system, and its nonstop wag will power your household for free!

Irene is a Volunteer Favorite! Here are some notes from her admirers: “Irene is such a gentle soul. She’s the kind of dog who grabs your heart immediately and holds onto it. She’s great on a leash, fabulous around other dogs of all shapes and sizes, and loves to ask for pets, but won’t be pushy. She is the total package, and I can’t wait for her to find her happily ever after!”

And here are some notes from her foster:

Irene is the absolute best. I have only had her for two nights and she is a wonderful house guest. She has had no accidents, and loves food. She has more energy than we thought and likes to play with toys, squeaker, balls and you, she will catch toys in her mouth in the air and like to kind of play tug of war.

Irene is also so sweet and snuggly too, gives lots of kisses and enjoys a good pet. She slept all night with foster dad, had a quick morning play session with us and slept all day with foster mom (I work nights). I think she just wants to fit into her family. She gets along with my two dogs and has just been wanting to fit in with the pack. (my dogs are older and not super playful with her, so i’m not sure how that play style is). She loves to go to the park and I will run around with her, she is fast. Stairs are no problem at all.

We haven’t left her home alone yet but I feel like she would be fine, I only heard some playful barks while playing. She seems to be potty trained and has gone about 8-9hrs between walks and overnight. We walk our dogs 3x per day.

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