Greyhound, Italian/Mix
8 lbs (small)
Est. age: 7 yrs
Status: Available

Meet Icee, the little jiggy pup who’s melting hearts everywhere! This adorable dog is winning fans left and right with his charming ways. Icee has the cutest flippy ears that bounce with every step, making him even more lovable.

With a wag and a wiggle, he’s always ready to mingle. Everyone loves Icee, and it’s easy to see why. He’s playful, sweet, and oh-so-neat. This fun-loving pooch is great with people and dogs alike, spreading joy wherever he goes.

Looking for a furry friend who’s as cool as Icee? Adopt him, and let this charming pup bring endless fun and happiness to your home!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

With being only 7 years young, Icee already a long list of accomplishments including:

- took gold in track and field at the Senior Olympics

- world record holder for longest sunbathing


- winner of Bay Area’s Next Mutt Model, to no one’s surprise (have you seen those legs)

- First Foster to ever get his foster brother to play (but was totally cool when foster brother was no longer into it! Tried to initiate play once, and then left him alone)

This accomplished pup is ready to tackle his next goal: find his forever family! Interested in helping accomplish this?!

Here’s some more information about this ray of sunshine:

- Very social, loves (& demands!) to greet every person and dog on our walks

- Has a quit bark to alert you of strangers and unknown noises. He stops if you pick him up.

- He gives the sweetest kisses, his tongue is so little and he does it so fast it tickles!

- SUCH A CUDDLER, and sits on my lap while I work. Last night he slept under the covers snuggled up to me all night. Loves to follow you and stare at you with adoring eyes.

- He also loves to explore, and is very curious on walks and in car rides. He tried to explore my desk, but got the hint after I took him off a few times.

- LOVES to play/chase, and he is SO FAST. Treats every walk like a marathon with his legs going at double speed. Gets SO excited to go on walks and was still in marathon mode at the end of the day after going up a huge hill and several walks

- Potty trained

- Professional sunbather. When he’s not on your lap or guarding the house, he will be lounging in the sunniest spot he can find

He can def do stairs. He is very mobile, jumps on the couch, in cars, etc with grace and speed.

He LOVES walking, and walks really fast. Today we walked up Nob Hill and the whole time he was going full speed, and was ready for more LOL. He is seriously so fast, within seconds he’ll be across my apt lol. He also likes to chase toys, so I think he would do great in an active home.

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