Spaniel, Cocker
28 lbs (medium)
Est. age: 7 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Hudson has spent his life dedicated to the art of nubbin wagging, and has become one of the most respected experts in the country. It takes a lot of muscle, and many hours of training to perfect such a craft. If you’d like to see it for yourself, simply ask, "are you a good boy? and watch the magic happen.

Here are some notes from his foster:

Hudson is a big ball of sweetness. He’s mellow but has a funny mischievous side – when he gets excited he likes to drag his bed out to the patio and start chewing on his blanket. He responds very well to a gentle “no” and does not continue when the bed/blanket is moved away from him. My resident dog is the alpha of the pack and he respects that. They love to lounge together out in the backyard and stare at the neighbours chickens in hopes of someday catching one. He loves head scratches and back rubs more than anything. He sleeps in his soft crate (with the door open) through the night – you actually have to wake him up in the morning because he’s still in deep sleep after everyone else is awake.

He’s been SO polite with everyone he’s met (dogs, adults, kids..) and likes to just tag along to all the parties – we took him to a neighborhood festival with hundreds of people and he did so great! He got a lot of attention from everyone and he absolutely loved it. He’s great on leash and greets everyone tail wagging (or what’s left of it) and is very polite. The only time he’s been reactive on our walks is when a large truck or delivery van passes us, so he seems to be selective with vehicles :). He lets out a few barks, so nothing serious.

I think he would do well with someone who works from home or at least someone who has time for the first few months to help him feel comfortable and confident being alone. I’ve started to work on this with him and we’re making progress, which is a good sign.

Some other random notes: he does great with baths and in general with touching his paws, ears, and body, no reactivity whatsoever. I haven’t noticed him having any back pain either. He does really well in the car. We haven’t had any potty accidents with him but we are still working on ensuring he lets us know when he has to go out (we’ve made it out just in time!). He’s making lots of progress and now we know the signs when he needs to go – lots of sniffing and walking around the house. He LOVES food and likes to counter surf if he sees or smells food, so keep all food tucked away. He does not resource guard when eating his regular meal, but does cherish his high value treats (like bully sticks) and toys. But I’ve been doing the “exchange method” and it works great – he just needs a little guidance and training.

Hudson is so, so sweet and someone will be so lucky to have him!

Hudson Hudson Hudson