Poodle/Bichon Frise
9 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Meet Hostess, a sweetheart who gets along famously with other furry pals. Hostess’s gentle nature makes her a joy to be around, always spreading love and warmth wherever she goes.

She’s the perfect companion for anyone seeking a furry friend who’s as gentle as a breeze and as kind as can be. Hostess’s loving demeanor and friendly attitude make her a true gem in the canine world. Looking for a furry friend who’ll melt your heart with her kindness? Adopt Hostess, and let her sweet spirit fill your home with love and happiness!

Here’s some notes from her foster

Hostess is such a sweet girl. It is nice to see her start to come out of her shell as she gets more comfortable with us. We suspect Hostess might not hear that well, as she does not respond to verbal cues. We took her for her longest walk today where she lead the charge with her signature bouncy prance. We walked about 5 blocks before she started to slow down. She had a nice interaction with a medium sized dog, and was curious but calm when bigger dogs were passing.

She knows how to use pee pads, and also knows where to potty outside and waits by the door to be let out. Her energy has improved as she starts to feel better, I love seeing her tail wag, and she is now coming up to us and placing a paw, or nudging with her nose when she wants love. She would do best in a calm household as she does not move quickly, and cannot hear to get out of the way. She can get startled when approached or touched when she can’t see you.

She is now sleeping in the bed with us, and prefers to be somewhere she can see her people.

Hostess doesn’t love being picked up, but will tolerate it. Especially making sure she can see you and preparing her to be picked up by touching her first.

She gets along great with her foster brother, a senior chihuahua, and has been nothing but gentle and friendly the whole time she’s been there. She hasn’t made a peep except for happy grunts while she naps.

When she looks at you with those gentle eyes, your heart melts!

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