Hey Jude

Hey Jude

26 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Have you been looking for a perfect chunky Chi-Weenie? Today is your lucky day! Hey Jude, is the one for you. This boy is looking for a calm household, where he can take his time to settle in and get to know you. If you want to know the way to his heart, it’s doggy toys and baby talk. He is a young senior of 7 years who has a mature mind and sensitive heart. His heart could use some extra TLC and his potato body could use a hug. Maybe you can make it better?

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Jude is the absolute bestest boy! He’s a little furry bundle of joy! He’s potty trained, very polite, he’s good with other dogs when out and about.

Hey Jude is a well-behaved gem who sleeps soundly through the night, doesn’t bark excessively, and is a pro at potty training. He would thrive in a peaceful environment, enjoying calm walks in serene settings and playing fetch with his favorite squeaky toy. If you value a tranquil home and a laid-back companion, this could be the perfect match!

Tranquil nights and gentle walks:

Dreamer extraordinaire: This pup cherishes a good night’s sleep, ensuring peaceful slumber for both of you.

Peacefully vocal: While not completely silent, their barks are minimal and reserved for necessary situations.

Independent eater: No food-motivated begging here! This well-trained dog respects mealtimes and won’t pester for extra treats.

Potty training champion: Housebreaking is a mastered skill, making life as a pet parent a breeze.

Seeking a serene sanctuary:

Calming environment preferred: Busy streets and loud noises can be overwhelming for this sensitive soul. A quiet neighborhood or calm living space would be ideal.

Tranquil walks: Strolling through serene parks or exploring peaceful trails would be more enjoyable than navigating bustling sidewalks.

Perfect match for: Someone who appreciates a calm and low-key companion. Ideal for individuals or families who prioritize a quiet household and enjoy laid-back activities.

He likes:

- snuggles

-being with his pack

- walkies (sniff focused rather than distance)

- food

- sleeping on the bed, especially under the covers!


- having his paws touched

- having to wait outside shops while one of his humans goes inside

There’s not very much he doesn’t like, he’s is a one of a kind perfect boy!

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