28 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Aaaaaand the Most Excellent Guy award goes to…. Henry!!! He is puggalicious and delicious, no doubt, but he also has a dollop of dignity about him that makes you want to take him away from all the hubbub and have a deep chat. And while you’re chatting deeply, you can squish his soft ears and cheeks, and he might just lean his whole little face into your hand. He is a truly wonderful dog who deserves a truly wonderful new family. Henry is a super easygoing guy and gets along with everyone he meets. He is wonderful with other dogs too! Henry is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet, and would make the perfect addition to any family.

Here’s a note from his foster

Henry is such a handsome guy and a great houseguest! He settled in quickly and enjoys our stops at the park with our resident mutt. He gets along great with other dogs, and loves pets from every person he’s met!

Henry’s ideal day is sniffing around the neighborhood, asking for snacks, and snoozing in the sun! We’re so happy to have him while he waits for his forever home

We’re delighted to report that Henry is currently in a loving and caring home!

Henry Henry Henry Henry Henry