13 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Hemi aka Mr Unbothered is a sweet, good energy pup looking for a best friend to spend his golden days with. Don’t let his age fool you, he’s still got plenty of pep in his step! Can you take him for a long walk? Yep, just make sure he has a nice soft bed for his post-walk nap. Stairs? He’s got it … but also loves getting a nice view from your arms.

Here are some great notes from his foster:

Hemi enjoys his meals and likes to make sure he’s person is around while he eats. Give him some carrots and he’s a very happy gent! Take him for a ride in the car and you’ll be his new favorite person. So far he he has a perfect housekeeping record and loves taking in all the smells of the city. Don’t miss out of having this sweet soul in your life!

And some updated notes from his foster:

“While Hemi was a bit shy at first he’s gotten much more comfortable and let his heart of gold shine. He absolutely LOVES his person and is always happy to see you. Though he’s not a lap dog, he enjoys finding a comfy spot right next to his human so he can take a nap or get some head scratches. His appetite has really come out as well. He can’t wait for meal time and has no problem gobbling down soft treats especially peanut butter! "

We’re delighted to report that Hemi is currently in a loving and caring home!

Meet sweet Hemi!
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