Status: Adopted

You would never know Hamilton’s history just by looking at him, but this fella has been around the block a few times. (and not by way of a leash) He grew up in a ruff neighborhood and sold bones to pay for Kibble. In order to survive he had to run with the cool kids. He had to keep his hair short and borrow his cousins grill just to fit in. He couldn’t let people know that he was some kind of poodle mix with fluffy hair. The pitts and bulldogs refused to hang out with those kind. He never graduated from high school, and as soon as he got a full time job and saved some money up, he bought a one way ticket to San Francisco. Hamilton got into theater quickly after settling in, and eventually became a very successful playwright for some of the most award winning Broadway shows. You may still catch him cruising around town with his grill and a bow tie. He chooses never to forget where he came from and how he became the sweet, cuddly and confident mutt he is today!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Hamilton is so easy and adorable as a house guest. He was immediately friendly with me, and he gets along with pretty much all humans-the neighborhood kids too.

Though generally mellow, he does have a lot of energy for walks and dog-socializing. Very polite on leash.

I have only him bark once—at a stranger near our house at night time. Otherwise he just whinnies when he wants to play or go out. It makes me think he would really enjoy a home with multiple humans, toys, and probably another dog sibling. He loves belly rubs and will paw gently at your hand when you stop. He will sleep just fine in his own bed in another room.

He eats well and will take medication with some peanut butter, or in his food.

He funnily pees the way female dogs do, and he only seems to go on hard surfaces (never on grass or dirt), so he’s a real city boy. He’s had two accidents indoors so far (after dinner time) but generally he seems to know to hold it until we’re outside. So I suspect he has had house training in a past life!

We’re delighted to report that Hamilton is currently in a loving and caring home!

Meet Hamilton!
Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton