20 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Hailey has a quick question about your window treatments: Do they let in enough sunshine for her to bask, squinting and smiling, for a lengthy spell, say, in the late morning and/or early afternoon? Daily if possible? As it happens, this beautiful elder thrives on solar energy and gentle cuddles. She’s sustainable! Also, very sweet, smart and generous with other dogs and humans. She’s not a fan of stairs, but guaranteed to lift your spirits. Deal?

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Hi everyone! Please meet Hailey a 12 year old terrier mix with soulful eyes and wisdom! She is such a sweet and gentle girl! She lives life at her own speed which is leisurely, but don’t get me wrong, she absolutely LOVES walkies and to explore the outside world! We are currently learning to work on stairs (able to go up but working on going down) because of this I think should would do best in a household with minimal stairs!

Hailey is very food motivated but not reactive or aggressive to other dogs when food is present! I have my own dog at home and they get a long great! She is sweet and gentle with all dogs and people she has encountered, we are not sure about cats!

Her regular routine is a big stretch in the morning, walkies, breakfast, walking around with a blanket on her back like the queen she is, naps, hanging out on the couch, more walkies, dinner and then sleep! She sleeps through the entire night in her own bed!

She is very sweet and gentle, looooooves her head scratched and loves sweet and gentle attention! She absolutely loves blankets and prefers one to be on her all the time to cuddle up in! She is looking for a forever home that can match her pace! She has no issues with being left home alone and settles on her bed and sleeps until you come home!

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