8 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Haiku’s scruffimuffin beauty and sweetness will inspire you to poetic heights!

Soft and scruffy gem

gentle, sweet and full of love

she will warm your heart

Here’s a note from her foster:

Haiku is the sweetest floofball. She loves to putter around the perimeter of the house, prance after people as they walk around, and lay in soft places. She takes a lot of steps, but doesn’t get very far on her stubby little legs! She barely makes any sound and is super low-maintenance.

She doesn’t seem to see very well, but hears fine and can see well enough to navigate around new environments. She has interacted really well with other dogs big and small, including a 10-week-old puppy 3 times her size, and has been held by 11-year-olds and adults without fear.

She gets cold easily and appreciates a sweater or a cuddle to warm up. Haiku sleeps through the night without any issue at all. She had a few accidents inside when she first arrived, which is expected in a new environment, but as long as we take her out 3-4 times a day, she does prefer to do her business outside and walks really loosely on leash.

Haiku loves the wet food we’ve been feeding her, and goes right to her eating area when it’s mealtime! She takes her pill super easily with a dab of peanut butter, and is very calm about getting eye drops.

Please enjoy these haikus for Haiku!

A little blind? Sure.

Adventurer nonetheless

Parkour hobbyist

Independent gal

Putters around getting steps

Stairs?? No problemo.

Likes a gentle scratch

Behind ears, near tail, on chin

Belongs in your arms

We’re delighted to report that Haiku is currently in a loving and caring home!

Haiku Haiku Haiku Haiku Haiku Haiku Haiku Haiku Haiku Haiku Haiku Haiku

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