Shepherd, German/Mix
98 lbs (extra large)
Est. age: 8 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Hachi may not have actually been to Hollywood, but he is a star in the making! Hachi is one of those dogs that you meet and immediately know how special he is. With his goofy smile, giant ears, and easygoing manner, he makes friends everywhere he goes. He is giant in size, and in the amount of love he has to give. Whoever gets to be his new BFF is one lucky human!

Here’s some notes from his foster

Hachi warmed up so quickly to our home and 1.5-year-old Shepard/Pyrenees named Doom.

Doom our dog has a lot of puppy energy. Hachi tolerates her playfulness. When Hachi has had enough play time she lets Doom know with a grin. She has no food aggression, bed possessiveness, or difficulty sharing pets and affection.

Already picked up on his first job – guarding the house with his eyes and ears but barely any barks. Hachi loves to have his head rubbed very softly and his chest rubbed, as well as his backside scratched. He is such a love and very chill. Hachi likes to follow myself or my husband around, not in a needy way, but more just to be close to us. He likes to sit outside on the patio look out into the easement (we have neighborhood cats that roam freely) or he likes to lay in the sun. He loves treats, and an even greater affinity for pupperoni and also cheese.

When Hachi has to actually go potty, he knows to go to the backdoor to go outside. When I work out early in the morning, he likes to come down into the garage with me and lie on my yoga mat so we do “downward dog” together in the mornings. He rides well in the car; he rode in the back of our Jeep on the way home and didn’t have any incident. He walks really well on leash but not far. On our first day together, I took him for a half mile walk and it was too much; around the block is much better for him. He likes to stop and smell everything. He has trouble walking up 5 stairs so I think long term he would do best in a house without stairs

When he sees other dogs, he does not seem to be very interested; he will look but doesn’t really engage. Hachi seems to be extremely patient.Hachi would love a home with a big supportive bed rather than a mat so his joints have support.

He doesn’t seem too interested in toys but if you have a benebone to offer, he will happily except it! Hachi can be somewhat shy and takes time to warm up and come out of his shell – but once he does, he’s all love.

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