32 lbs (medium)
Est. age: 15 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Gus is a chonkolicious dreamboat and a hunka chunka canine love! Is he too bootylicious for you?

Gus is friendly, gentle and ready for his forever home. For a big boy, he gets around great and is full of pep. He just needs a family who will help him reach a healthy weight. Are you the one?

Here is what his foster has to say!

Gus is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face! This lovable loaf is the cutest and sweetest guy in town – he loves to be around his people to give kisses and is always ready for pats and belly rubs! For most of the day at home, he’s super chill and is fine hanging out on his own too. He loves his one on one time with his bed and is always down to sneak in a good nap.

Since he is a little chubby, we make sure to get adequate exercise every day… which is an absolute win for Gus because he is always extremely excited to go outside! He gives it his all to walk right by your side, but given his short legs, usually we opt for casual saunters so that he can keep up with your pace. Also, he can’t do stairs, but he is quite an expert at jumping curbs!

Gus is house trained and has had zero accidents at home. He doesn’t seem to mind new people or animals, and he rarely barks at things. From his puppy-like face to his signature waddle, Gus is all around very endearing. He’s also very lively for a dog with his physique, so we’re excited for him to be even more spirited as he gets to a healthier weight!

Gus Gus Gus Gus Gus

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