Terrier, Yorkshire, Yorkie/Mix
9 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

You’ll see Groovy is rockin’ what we call a Muttville Salute (tongue out, ears up, at attention). What do you think being a senior does to frequency of tail wags? Nothing. If anything, tail velocity increases exponentially over time, and you can tell Groovy has a lot to wag his tail about!

Here is what his foster has to say:

Groovy is a perfect boy. He loves his belly rubbed and cuddling up on my lap. He is very tolerant of my rambunctious younger dog and even plays with him from time to time. He’s friendly with all the people and dogs we meet at the dog park. He gets very excited to go to the park in the morning, and when we get there, he mostly cruises around exploring and sniffing everything.

He is young at heart and is enjoying life. I haven’t noticed any discomfort, but he does use little stairs to get off the couch, where he takes long naps. He has a good appetite and loves treats, so it is easy to give him medication. He gets a dental soon, and even with crummy teeth and some missing jaw, he gobbles up wet food. I feed him by hand/fork because it’s challenging for him to scoop up the food from the bowl. He has no problem drinking from the water bowl.

Groovy is potty trained. He will mark a new place if I don’t keep him in check. He barks on occasion, but only If another dog gets him started. His bark is a low, deep bark, and he only does it a couple of times before he moves on to do some more sniffing. He is excellent at traveling in the car and has a favorite toy, a small stuffed hedgehog, that he likes to throw about, chew, and lick. He will need many fluffy toys and lots of love.

We’re delighted to report that Groovy is currently in a loving and caring home!

Groovy Groovy Groovy Groovy Groovy

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