Terrier, Yorkshire, Yorkie/Mix
8 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Griffin is just a tiny boy who wants to fly through life in your arms or pockets. This portable doggo deserves some pampering. He might have had a ruff life but is still just the sweetest. Please take this guy to get a puppiccino in your purse as soon as possible.

Here’s a note from his foster:

Meet Griffin, the cheerful cuddle bug who’s mellow and friendly with everyone! He has a striking coat of many colors, seriously emotive eyebrows, and the tiniest blep. His personality is great – playful, very affectionate, slightly goofy, easy-going, and wonderfully friendly. He greets everyone with a cheerful wag and shining happy “teddy-bear” eyes. He’s never barked at any human and only once at a dog. He loves snuggling and getting belly rubs. If you get lax in a cuddle session he’ll gently remind you your hands have important work to do.

He gets along with dogs of all sizes and humans of all ages. One of his favorite pastimes is going to the dog park and sniffing and meeting new dogs, especially small-to-medium-size mellow ones. He’s a cheerful and calm little fellow and will politely avoid dogs without the same energy. Quite the charmer, he loves making new human friends and soliciting pets, scratches, and cuddles.

Griffin is neither high nor low energy, but the perfect middle ground – keen to explore, walk, and bounce around my apartment playing a short game of fetch with a tiny squeaky squirrel toy. He equally enjoys relaxing and taking it easy. He cracks us up with his failed attempts to hide treats. He tries to tiptoe around but ends up attracting even more attention because he can’t make up his mind where to stash his loot! His mobility is GREAT and he walks up and down our stoop steps with ease.

He’s very good with house training and has only had a couple accidents inside. He usually waits for his walks to relieve himself but occasionally uses pee pads. Good boy Griff!

We’re delighted to report that Griffin is currently in a loving and caring home!

Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin

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