Grandma Willow

Grandma Willow

Terrier, Jack Russell/Mix
29 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Grandma Willow is a sweet shorty full of love and fun!

She may have a resting pensive face, but this gal knows how to party! When she’s feeling peppy, Grandma will show you her moves: bounces, zooming and playing. She’s the most fun grandma in town! She’s not all action; this cutie loves her pets, cuddles and snoozes. Grandma would prefer to live in a mature home and be the queen of her castle.

Here’s a note from her foster:

Grandmother Willow is one spicy little love muffin! Once she realizes she’s in her forever home she’ll never want to leave your side.

She’s definitely got elements of the character she’s named after – very smart with a bit of sass. She’s also quite silly and doesn’t act anywhere near her age. She will blend seamlessly into your family and is also a really easy dog to please, just feed her, play with her, and give her a nice soft bed to lay at your feet and she’s a happy camper. She loves to go on road trips so long as there isn’t too much walking at the final stop and is very easy to dress up (she has a pretty extensive wardrobe with lots of pink).While she is a slow walker (likes to appreciate all the smells) she’s not a total couch potato and is VERY food motivated (isn’t picky with her food and is doing great on a fairly strict diet and exercise regimen). She knows sit and will give you a paw for a treat (but you better have a treat, her nose knows!). She’ll even let you wipe her paws after a walk or anytime she needs a pawdicure.She seems to be housebroken and hasn’t had any accidents. While she has shown mild signs of separation distress, her cute little baby barks die down after only a few minutes. Once she tuckers herself out, she’ll lay down and eagerly wait for your return. Each return home is a celebration in her mind because she gets so beside herself with excitement, she’ll run around and dance the cutest/funniest little happy dance.Grandmother Willow is the perfect kooky grandma to liven up any home!

We’re delighted to report that Grandma Willow is currently in a loving and caring home!

Meet this fun Grandma! She knows how to party!
Grandma Willow Grandma Willow Grandma Willow Grandma Willow Grandma Willow Grandma Willow Grandma Willow Grandma Willow Grandma Willow Grandma Willow

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