17 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Gracie is a leggy chi/terrier mix who’s full of sweetness! She’s oh so spry and active, always ready to jump into a lap or onto a couch for cuddles. Gracie will be an excellent partner for strolls and even hikes; who isn’t ready to be out and about enjoying fresh air and nature? She’s also very pretty and looks perfect in pink. Did we mention she does great with other dogs? She’d be happy to join a home with another canine companion.

Here’s a note from her foster!

Gracie girl is a long legged, prancing cutie. She is very active for a senior dog (stairs are no problem!) and enjoys long walks and hikes with her humans. On the other hand, Gracie is a big lover of laps and naps. Give her a couch, a blanket, or a lap, and she’ll curl up and melt your heart with her sleeping cuteness.

She loves humans so much that she is still figuring out how to be separated from them. We are working with her on alone time training, and she is slowly learning the ways. Gracie does well with other dogs, but it takes her a while to feel comfortable enough to interact and play with them. She is more content following her human around at a dog park than engaging with other pups. However, in the home setting she may enjoy having another dog around to keep her company.

Gracie is house broken and loves her mealtimes. She doesn’t bark or make much noise unless she is left alone. She follows simple commands and does her “sit” with a signature paw up move that will have you “aww”-ing for days. Gracie is sweet, loving and oh so beautiful. Anyone would be lucky to have her!

We’re delighted to report that Gracie is currently in a loving and caring home!

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