8 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Meet Goldie Fawn, the tan little chihuahua with the lengthiest little legs. She has the personality of a butterfly and the face of a goddess. She’s social and loves getting outside and meeting other mutts. She adores people and will gladly snooze on your lap. And her face, what a beauty! It’s as if she went to Hollywood and drank from the fountain of youth. She really doesn’t look a day over 8! If you are looking for a pup to roll with you and ride with you into the sunset, Goldie is your girl!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

If San Francisco had a chihuahua beauty pageant, Goldie (or as I call her, “Little mama”) would certainly walk away with all the ribbons and perfect marks in sweetness, walkies, personality and special talents. When she gets excited, she stands on her hind legs and paws the air with her front legs and it just makes you want to cry it’s so cute! And of course, in her pageant speech, she would definitely wish for world peace.

Goldie adapted to me and my home environment right away. Goldie would like to say a word to people that talk about "yappy little dogs. Goldie says that she has no idea what those people are talking about, as she hasn’t barked once. Not even when the neighbor’s cat walked into my house and startled us both! She loves seeing people, dogs, cats, squirrels, lizards and she hasn’t uttered a peep. She really thrives on interaction and would probably love other animal siblings in the home, but as long as her humans are able to give her the love and attention she needs, she is an easy going lass.

Goldie doesn’t seem to play with toys yet, but she is very playful and bouncy in general. She’s not very shy, but new things and loud noises can startle her at times, and for that reason, I feel that she would be most comfy in a gentle home that isn’t rambunctious.

Goldie eats really well and like treats, but doesn’t go nuts for them. Her forever family will probably be able to find a treat that she loves :)

Goldie sleeps like a champ. She has been sleeping either on my bed, or in a dog bed on my bed.

Goldie asked me to save her favorite thing for last. She LOVES walks! Because she is one of our more youthful Muttville mutts, she is up for a few short/medium walks a day or trips to the park. It’s her absolute favorite and the thing that makes her happiest. Goldie is a dream to walk and is not leash or dog reactive whatsoever. I think she’s just so happy, excited and curious about her own experience outdoors, that she doesn’t really mind what anyone else is doing. She just wants people to be happy like she is. If she were a human, she would be high-fiving people all through the park, wishing them a great day! Awww, what a gal! Her other favorite thing will be to lay next to you or lay/sit in your lap.

Goldie is friendly as can be to creatures great and small, and whomever adopts this precious little mama will be so lucky to have her.

We’re delighted to report that Goldie is currently in a loving and caring home!

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