15 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Gladys might have come to Muttville feeling a little ruff, but thanks to some belly rubs and healing sunbeam naps, she is on the pup and up! Gladys is even in the process of writing a TED Talk: From Ruff to Tough: How treats, love, and soft beds can lead to becoming the best you.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Gladys is very shy at first, but don’t worry, she will warm right up to you and demand belly rubs and neck scratches. Every time I go to pick her up or put her harness on for walks, she plops down and rolls over to show her belly. Gladys is a perfect mix between independent and a cuddle monster. She doesn’t like sitting on my lap, but she will spend most of her time sleeping right next to me either in her bed next to my desk or on the couch. She has a very cute little snore.

Gladys and I go out every four or five hours. We’re still working on figuring out what her potty tell is, but she hasn’t had any accidents being on this consistent schedule. She is good holding in her pee if I’m at appointments or running errands, and she doesn’t show any signs of separation anxiety. I watch her on my Ring camera and she just sleeps on the couch. I also think she would do fine spending the night on her own bed so long as it’s near you, but she has the cutest face ever and asked if she could sleep in my human bed and I said yes.

Gladys is great on walks and has no problem tackling short sets of stairs. She gets a little nervous getting onto elevators, but she will happily walk off of them by herself. She’s EXTREMELY treat motivated, so it’s been very easy to reward her and reinforce certain behaviors.

If you look in her direction, talk to her in a baby voice, and have treats she will wag her tail so so fast and do a little dance :)

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