Dachshund, Standard Smooth Haired
12 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Gina is such a lovely little gal, she’s a budding flower of joy! This doxie girl is really special.

Notes from Foster:

I love her so much and it’s been so heartwarming and rewarding to see her blossom more and more. Gina is a gentle, quiet, and loving girl. She’s a real easy-keeper. She hasn’t barked or nipped, and is often my little shadow. She’s absolutely great with other dogs, and would likely enjoy being adopted into a quiet home with other dogs. A plus is she is pretty house trained or wee pad trained, minor mistakes until she gets used to the routine. She can go up and down my stairs with no problems and still is quite spry!

I’m not sure what her life was like before, as when Gina first arrived at my home she was scared of being touched, but was always close by and in the mix of what was going on. She seemed/seems conflicted about whether or not hands on her is safe, while at the same time, being very social and enjoying human company. We turned a corner together very soon however, after she spent the night in my bed. She sleeps on my bed or under the covers, and has slept on top of me too. She’s a great sleeper and will sleep as late as I want to, without a stir. My kind of girl! Our bedtime together has definitely helped Gina feel much safer with me petting her and will now lean into my hand for chin scratches. She really enjoys food and snacks too, which I often feed to her by hand, again helping her feel safe and comfortable. This little lady is a love bug and her confidence will continue to grow in a home that is full of love and patience.

Gina is happy to do whatever is going on. She can lounge around all day, and is also up for neighborhood walks. She’s not up for parties or major outings, but is generally a go-with-the-flow pup, and not an anxious type.

I hope she finds someone as loving and gentle as she is, as she’s so very special.

Meet Scottie and Gina!
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