12 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Secret agent Gilbert has a very important mission: cuddling!

Tap on your lap and he’ll hop right up and get to snuggling. So agile! So dedicated! His adorable underbite and irresistible face make it hard for him to go undercover. Who could ever forget that face? This friendly guy has added a second mission to his agenda: finding a forever home! We’re confident he’ll accomplish his mission soon. Will it be with you?

Here’s what his foster has to say:

No one would guess this little guy is a senior! Gilbert has so much spunk and energy. He loves to play with his ball for hours, tossing it around the room, bringing it to a human to throw, and barking when it rolls under furniture. The resident dog is not impressed, but he’s trying to tempt her to play with him, too!

Gilbert is a great walker! He’s starting to get excited to put on his harness and can’t wait to go out. While on walks, he wants to meet every human and dog we go by. In the dog park, he made a point of “saying hello” to everyone there, especially any new comers. He wasn’t interested in playing with them, but definitely wanted to greet all of them.

He is great at home with my alpha resident dog, and was very friendly with a child in middle school that we met on a walk. He would do well in a home with kids that had lots of energy (to play ball with him) but were also gentle. He is a champ up the flight of stairs in our parking garage, and loves to jump from the floor onto my elevated bed. He also is good in the car, no car sickness.

After a full morning of play, Gilbert loves to burrow in the blankets and take a snooze. If you can’t find him, check the pile of blankets as he likes to cover himself completely! If you aren’t careful, he’ll burrow in bed next to you at night, too. He takes some convincing, but can be coaxed into sleeping in a separate dog bed.

One thing of note (unsurprising in a senior dog), his eyesight is ok at best. This means in low light/darkness, you may need to guide him/pick him up, and when playing he often misses where the ball goes. But he makes up for it with a magnificent sniffer!

We’re delighted to report that Gilbert is currently in a loving and caring home!

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