6 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Gherkin is a lovable mutt with a unique personality and a mischievous nature. Gherkin has a big heart and is always eager to please his humans. This little pickle of a dog has a spunky and adventurous spirit that makes him the life of the party. Gherkin’s wagging tail and joyful demeanor are contagious, and he’s always up for a good time.

He has a happy-go-lucky attitude and greets each day with a positive outlook and a wagging tail, no matter what challenges may come his way. Gherkin has a big heart and loves to play. He’s always up for a game of fetch or a romp in the park. Whether he’s chasing his tail or exploring new sights and smells, Gherkin is always on the go and ready for adventure.

Gherkin is a spunky and playful Terrier Mix with a happy-go-lucky attitude that makes him a beloved companion to all who meet him. So if you’re feeling down or feeling blue, Just spend some time with Gherkin, it’s true. He’ll put a smile on your face, And his happiness will fill up any space.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Gherkin is a jaunty and confident walker. Talk about a “playboy”. He has enjoyed all the toys and balls I have at home and takes full advantage of the long hallway to rocket his way back and forth. Excellent appetite and prompt pooper!

He’s been oh so patient with my dog Kismet, also a terrier. She has been territorial and a bit mouthy but he takes it in stride! Gherkin is a bouncy, happy, curious boy who is eager to please. He loves to love you, and your attention will set his tail wagging!

He’ll follow you around, jump on the sofa next to you, hop into the car, and retrieve a stuffed toy with gusto. He’ll trot along on walks as far as you want to go. But don’t let his athletic prowess fool you – he is a sensitive little boy, a mere six pounds and a little wary. He prefers a slow approach when saying hello. But he wants to be next to you and five seconds of not patting him will send him right into your lap asking for attention.

He’s great with people, though I haven’t seen him with kids. He has been gentlemanly and so far, the only barking has been at big dogs on the street who are straining on their leashes to get at him.

He likes to sleep half under a blanket (it’s adorable) and he’ll sleep through the night. And he looooves his food, which is great because he needs to put on a little bit of weight. You can feel his ribs. What a wonderful little guy!

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