47 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Gertrude is a snorty shorty delight with a uniquely winning smile! Bulldog lovers beware: you won’t be able to resist her!

Sweet Gertrude has been through a lot, but is feeling so much better now! We’re so glad she’s here at Muttville so she can get the medical care she needs!

Here’s a note from her foster:

Gertrude, (aka Gertie or Gertie Birdie) is a testament to the work Muttville does and the power of a second chance.

Gertrude is above all – grateful, trusting, and loving. She just loves to be pet and to be acknowledged. Each day and at every turn Gertie is revealing a loving, hilarious girl who is the perfect right hand gal. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, no food guarding, etc. She doesn’t seem to have any separation anxiety and does fine at home for a few hours.

She would be great in just about any composition of home – with a solo person, a family, kids, other pets, other dogs… you name it, Gertie would fit right in. Other dogs are of no bother and people are outlets to get the love she has always wanted.

One observation is that Gertie was very obviously a dog used for breeding. She overcame a fairly scary medical issue (I believe she had a doggie hysterectomy) with flying colors! Her health was in decline and she was totally closed off at the former shelter, then she came to Muttville, got the proper care, and came to my home the day of her surgery. As the days have passed, Gertrude is just living her best life! She opens up everyday as she heals. And she is HILARIOUS! She has started to run around, jump up on my leg if I’ve been working too long (in her opinion!) for pets, and helps me tie my shoelaces. Always helps with the shoelaces!

One caveat I would say is that Gertrude seems to be in fear of losing the sense of security she had found at home. She manifests this by running for her favorite place, a big furry bed when the front door opens as if she doesn’t want to leave. Little by little I have been coaxing her out to the yard and about 50% of the time she will follow me out on her own other times, I put the leash on her. I am sure in a week or two, this will be 100% of the time as she trusts I am not taking her somewhere and not bringing her back.

She just wants to be in a home of her own, not required to do anything but nap and snuggle and be loved.

Gertrude is just the best girl who is going to be the greatest addition to anyone’s home!

We’re delighted to report that Gertrude is currently in a loving and caring home!

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