9 lbs (small)
Est. age: 13 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt


Can you handle those ears! That adorable mask! This little hunk is so full of love and ready to join your home. He loves hanging out with other dogs and humans and can’t wait for many fun adventures ahead.

Here’s a note from his foster:

Pretty Boy!

Gecko is a very handsome boy, and his tail’s goofy, loopy curl makes him look much like one of the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. He has gorgeous, soft fur for you petting and cuddling pleasure.

Good Dog!

With fairly consistent routines for meals, walks and sleep, Gecko adjusted quickly to our home. His two indoor accidents were both the human’s fault- in one instance for not realizing he had an upset tummy, and the other for not picking up on clues that he needed to go potty, which are: he gets up from his bed or resting spot, wiggle dances, makes eye contact, and whines.

In-Progress: At present, he experiences difficulty with separation from me, and will bark (a lot) when I leave the house, even for a few minutes – or if left with someone else (this is improving). We are working on both of these behaviors.


Gecko is a hearty eater and not fussy about food. He needs to gain a little more weight, and has a couple of senior dog nutritional needs (e.g.tooth extractions; recommended low-fat diet), so at present his regular soft food (canned) is supplemented with: a little extra lean animal protein (e.g. cooked beef, chicken, turkey, hardboiled egg), rice/pasta, cooked vegetables (e.g. carrot, green beans). He has a morning and evening meal, and small post-walk snack midday.


Gecko likes to be in his bed by 7 PM. He might be coaxed out to the garden to potty once more. He usually sleeps through the night. He goes to sleep in his bed/cozy pile of blankets, but will scoot out in the wee hours of morn, to hop up on his person’s bed and snuggle.


Gecko is a walk enthusiast and moves at a very fast clip! (His person will get their steps in every day!) He has no problems going up hills, doing stairway walks, several-block walks, or long walks in a park. Routine: He takes a brisk one or two-block walk soon after waking and before breakfast to take care of business. He likes an adventure & sniff or "power walk of about 45-minutes in the early afternoon, and sometimes a short evening walk before/after dinner. He doesn’t like walking in the rain!


He can go up/down most stairs easily. He does need supervision on steps with steep risers, because he’s small. We carry him down my back stairs which are steep, open on one side, and can be slippery when it rains. He can hop on/off furniture/onto your lap, but may need a boost/lift at times.

Walking Skills: Gecko has improved his intersection skills. He doesn’t respond to "stay, or "sit, but does respond to "wait and (kind of) keeps himself in check, with me holding him in place, until I say. "OK- let’s go He is very smart, and capable of learning new skills.

Car Travel: Gecko does well when secured in a car booster seat. He enjoys looking out the window, and will settle down and sleep on longer trips. He doesn’t like gridlock! Neither do I, so we both whine.

World of Dogs

Gecko is very interested in other dogs. When we encounter them on our walks, he’s eager to say hello. His greeting habits need some fine-tuning: If the situation is too crowded, or the other dog too persistent sniffing/circling, Gecko can suddenly start barking at the other dog in a not-so-friendly way. When greeting another dog, I remind Gecko to "be gentle, and make the encounter brief.

People: Gecko is a wonderful, cuddly companion, with a nice balance of calm and peppy energy. He thrives on gentle affection. Gecko wants to be close to his person(s), and would do best in a home where they are around much of the time. He loves his multiple walks each day, so a home with people who like to do the same would be best. In general, he likes people, but can be reactive to touch or being picked up by an unfamiliar person. We haven’t had extended interactions with children. Or cats.

Lovable Gecko Quirks:

1. When he’s excited Gecko does the Chihuahua Cha Cha with me: "forward, two cha-cha-cha; "back, two cha-cha-cha. He could be your "Dancing with the Stars celebrity partner!

2. He fusses with the blankets on his bed until they form a cocoon around his entire body. Save for the rise/fall of his breathing, you wouldn’t know he was there!

Gecko Gecko Gecko Gecko Gecko

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