7 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

You might already know Gandalf, the White Wizard Chi Chi, who was sent to Muttville to spread his goodness. Gandalf is said to be over 2,000 years old, but don’t let his age fool you-he is still extremely powerful and polite. And although he is very small, remember that a wizard is never too big or too tiny-he is precisely the size that he means to be.

Here’s some notes from his foster :

He is a very sweet dog and he loves cuddling with my wife, after 24 hours at our house he follows her everywhere. He has no problems interacting with other dogs, large or small he likes them all.

Jumping up is not something he does, he may have some arthritis, he’ll jump down from the couch or the bed but not up so he needs to get picked up for that, no big deal because he weighs about as much as a ham sandwich. The ham btw is one of his favorites and wrapping his pain pills for his teeth in a small piece of ham makes them disappear without a struggle.

So far we have not heard him bark at anything and that is a pleasant change from our resident mutt that needs to bark at anything. After several days with Gandalf, he does not appear to have a bad bone in him, he gets along with other animals both cats and dogs. We had him at a busy outdoor get together and he felt right at home and was friendly to anyone that paid attention to him.

He is a little obsessed with smelling anything and everything while being on a walk so don’t expect to go for a quick walk around the block with him, it may be take a while..

I took him to our staircase and am happy to report that he is no a fully qualified stair user.

We’re delighted to report that Gandalf is currently in a loving and caring home!

Gandalf Gandalf Gandalf Gandalf Gandalf Gandalf Gandalf Gandalf Gandalf Gandalf