10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Fred is a fancy prancing, fantastic little foxy man!

Here’s what his foster has to say

Little guy Fred has found the doggy fountain of youth and has just been lappin’ it up! He has the looks of a puppy, and the energy to match! Fred loves going on walks and smelling all the new smelly smells. At home, he’s also just as happy to cuddle with you in a warm blanket. He’s very much a velcro dog and will prance from room to room to always be with you. Fred loves being the center of attention and getting all the pats and scritches. He’s also super affectionate and will return your love with lots of happy tail wags and kisses!

Fred is an alert fellow who likes to stop and sniff around for good pee spots on our walks. As a small dog, he’s also a little cautious of sudden movements. He’s generally friendly and curious with other dogs and strangers when he sees them, but he’ll go into tiny watchdog mode when he hears a mysterious sound on the other side of the front door. He currently doesn’t live with any other animals, but he does seem to have some prey drive, as he likes to try to chase after cats from across the street (even if they’re bigger than him!)

Fred is house trained, and minus the one time when he first moved in (we all need time to adjust!), he hasn’t had any accidents inside!

Typically we go outside 3-4 times a day, in the morning, afternoon, evening, and right before bed. Despite being a senior, Fred still has lots of love to give and will do well in any home willing to reciprocate that endless love and affection!

We’re delighted to report that Fred is currently in a loving and caring home!

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