Pinscher, Miniature/Chihuahua
10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

This spunky and friendly boy is ready for fall! He enjoys pumpkin spice lattes and rolling around in the crispy fallen colorful leaves. If you are a fan of Miniature Pinschers or a lover of all Chihuahuas, with Fizz you get the best of both worlds. Part pin, part chi, this handsome black and tan gentleman is friendly with everyone! He loves dogs, he loves humans, he will even play nice with your in-laws! He’s just an easygoing guy in search of a perfect home and sweater for sweater season!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Fizz is a playful dude! He LOVES little stuffies, batting them around, chewing on them, playing tug, and catch with them. He seems to know stay and drop it as commands :) fizz initially seemed anxious putting on his harness (some light yelping and wiggling) but now he’s very polite when putting on his harness and gets SO excited for walks and his post harness treat.

Fizz has had a lot of changes so he is a bit stressed when a human isn’t home with him. We are working on building up his confidence and time spent alone.

Fizz is so incredibly funny and attentive and curious. He’s taken a couple of days to warm up, but now that he has he’s such a love bug. He spends most of the day sleeping but will happily get up for walks every few hours. When we’re on walks, he likes to hold in his potty and will go several times so it’s best to walk him until he’s not peeing anymore.

He’s great in the elevator and doesn’t really engage with other dogs on our walks. He’s been very polite and quiet at home. He will often fall asleep sitting up and slowly tip over until he realizes he should actually go to bed. He loves anything peanut butter flavored and will Hoover anything on the floor, although he will not beg for any human food. He sleeps soundly throughout the night in my bed and will army crawl and stretch out as long as possible when he wakes up

This dog is hospice due to the following medical conditions: IVDD

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