12 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Introducing Fiddle, the charming Chihuahua who’s always in the middle of the doggy hullabaloo. With his friendly demeanor, he’s a hit with all the pups, strutting around like he’s in a fancy pantsuit. He’s equally fantastic with people, spreading joy and wagging tails wherever he goes.

This little guy’s energy is infectious, making him the life of the party without ever being too loud. He’s got a knack for making friends, whether they’re big or small, short or tall. With Fiddle by your side, every day feels like a delightful ride, with laughter and cuddles as your guide.

So if you’re seeking a furry companion who’s as charming as can be, look no further than Fiddle, the Chihuahua with a heart full of glee!

Here’s some notes his foster:

Fiddle is a love junkie! Fiddle loves attention and back scratches. He will charm his way on your lap where he will settle and take a nap. If he’s not home napping, you could find him at a local restaurant people-watching and being admired by all the passerby. He is a well-behaved brunch buddy and patiently waits for bacon to accidentally drop on the floor.

He is a sweet little guy who enjoys short strolls down the block. He is very playful, and will jump on you when he is excited. He enjoys 3 meals a day, and loves his treats. Fiddle is house trained and only does his business outdoors. He is the puuurfect dog. Adopt Fiddle and you will have a loving companion forever.

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