16 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Fern is a magical mutt, pure sweetness and joy from her sweet face to her floofy waggy tail. Her smile is irresistible!

This soft and loving girl is an excellent cuddler, with a plush coat that’s ideally suited for pets and snuggles. Fern also loves the company of other dogs, who bring out her bouncy, playful side. She’s an all around winner of a mutt!

Here’s a note from her foster:

Fern is a soft, fluffy, people-pleaser who will make you laugh and smile every day! She is smart and highly motivated by food, so she’s very trainable. She uses a patented beg and spin combination to show you she really wants what you’ve got. But you’ll need to resist because she’s on the heavier side and could benefit from weight loss.

Fern clearly loves being around and performing for people but she has exhibited no signs of separation anxiety. Settle her with a long-lasting chew in her dog bed, leave the house for an hour and you will likely find her exactly where you left her, still working on the chew. She also is fine sleeping in her dog bed in a room by herself throughout the night and has not had any accidents overnight.

Fern has vision impairment, and is adjusting very gradually to her new constraints. For a 15 year old dog, she has shown quite a bit of pep in her step, but not a lot of endurance. Smelling the world is extremely important to her so a slow, short trip is just fine. Her vision also makes her a bit apprehensive about going down stairs or steep slopes like short driveways, so extra guidance is a must in those situations.

She gets along well with people and exhibits good doggy etiquette with fellow pups, she has been indifferent to our 2 cats.

Fern is an easy-to-love, low-maintenance gal who will blossom with a family who will help her continue to adjust to her vision changes.

We’re delighted to report that Fern is currently in a loving and caring home!

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