3 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted for hospice care

Fanta is now accepting applications for her personal assistant. Responsibilities include carrying her everywhere, constant snuggling, giving head scritches, and providing treats. Because this delicate flower doesn’t walk or see well, her assistant will be expected to provide both occasional transportation and concise directions to the nearest soft nap spot. Compensation will include all the benefits-a best friend, an excess of cuteness, and all the love.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Fanta is the absolute sweetest! Loves a comfy blanket or bed as home base and will spend many hours sleeping, but will take off to explore, especially during the night. We think she wakes and is trying to find us. She makes virtually no noise, and is really good about going potty on a pee pad. She looooves neck and head scritches and wants nothing more than to be near you or be held. She gets around really well for having no sight, and we think she mostly deaf, too. We think.

If your looking for a great at home dog this is your girl, she also is great with other dogs and we think would do well in a home where she has a campanion with her, dog or human.

She loves licking our little spicy chi and has is so great with the other dog friends we have introduced her to, no spice, all love from this little cutie

After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Fanta is living life to the fullest in our Hospice Program, under which one of our special hospice families has provided her with a loving home and the very best possible end-of-life care. Please wish Fanta well!

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