11 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Evie is a spunky princess who loves to be held and pampered. She is mostly blind, which is a feature not a bug, because it allows you to dance as wildly as you like and she will never judge you. Her favorite hobby is following you around everywhere-or at least following where she thinks you’ve gone (as you can imagine she gets it wrong a lot). It’s true, Evie can’t be your chauffeur since she can barely prevent herself from bonking into the occasional wall, but that’s what Ubers are for anyway.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Evie is a very sweet little lady and despite her vision impairment, she’s learned how to navigate the house well. She even figured out how to get up the two steps from the backyard.

She’ll let you know when she’s ready to come up onto the couch and once she finds a comfy spot, she likes to roll around on her back and ideally get a belly rub. Then she’ll snuggle up right next to me.

She has a very good appetite and can easily find her food and water. She seems to be fine being left home alone but also does well in the car and during outings. We brought her to a softball game and she snuggled up in a blanket and happily received pets from other people.

She does well with other dogs and has done well with the resident dog of the house. We’ve only heard her bark when our resident dog barks first, and she has the cutest little bark…she almost sounds like a chicken clucking.

She sleeps well through the night and typically wakes up around 7, which is when we let her out to pee. But then we’ll sometimes get back in bed and she’s fine with that. She slept in her own bed the first night but has since slept in bed with us and our other dog.

Evie is potty trained. is on the slower side but once she feels more confident, she speeds up a bit. That said, she needs someone who’s willing to take it slow with her and move at her gentle pace.

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