Shepherd, Australian/Shepherd
39 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted for hospice care

Every once in a while there is a dog who melts your heart so thoroughly that part of it will never congeal back to normal. You walk around like a love-smitten zombie. You talk about the dog to people who are listening (or not). You show strangers photos of the dog, and whine in baby-talk about how much you love her.

Well, folks, Evie is one of those dogs. This beautiful puffball is blind and deaf, but she can map out the room like a Roomba, and once she knows your loving touch and delightful smell, she will be your friend for life. We gave her a bath on her first day at headquarters, and not only was she brave and tolerant, she basked in it like a day at the spa. And if you can lift her up into your lap, you will enjoy some of the best cuddles around. She is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met. Whoever gets her is very special indeed.

Evie is hospice due to the following medical conditions: old age, diabetes, probable malignant mammary cancer.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Evie is the definition of sweetheart. She is cute, cuddly, and oh-so silly. She always makes me laugh with how she throws her face into you and rolls on her back for scratches. This girl just wants to be pet and loved!

Evie does not let her lack of sight slow her down. (She does seem to see shadows). While she was determined to be mostly deaf, she can hear quite a bit. She is quite good at hearing, actually. Nothing gets by her!

Due to her diabetes, she does potty quite frequently, but I can tell she’s housetrained because she does not want to go in the house. I take her out about every 2-3 hours with no problems, and she can hold it overnight with a 9 pm (or so) trip outside. I let her out first thing in the morning, around 7-8 am.

Evie is quite quiet during the day, but if you are up, she wants to know what you are doing and if it involves food. She loves food! The way she just stares off into space in your direction, hoping for something to slip into her mouth, is hilarious.

I hope her forever home has access to an ample space where Evie can explore (although not required). She seems to like being out walking around in my backyard without the hindrance of things she could run into. She bumps around my small space but seems to find her way pretty well after she knows it better.

Evie does great with other dogs, and while I haven’t had a cat around to test, I am sure she’d be fine with the feline variety.

Evie has trouble with stairs due to her sight, so the ideal home is one where she doesn’t have to use them or can be carried up or down. If you alert her to one, she will climb up (kinda clumsily). She also does well on a leash, but you can tell at one time she was able to run about freely! (Maybe the Aussie in her?) We keep long walks to a minimum.

She’s great at sleeping through the night at my bedside, doesn’t seem to shed much at all, and is the sweetest of ladies. Her consistent, loose tail wag is such a joy to see every day.

She is such a lovely and happy girl who still seems to have a lot of life in her. Whoever gets to spend their days with Evie is one lucky person!

Meet Evie!
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