10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Cuteness overload! Introducing Eugene the cutest and fluffiest Pom Pom Chi Chi mix that is blowing up the Internet. His profile picture are getting the most ridiculous amount of likes on social media. Everyone loves his ears that flop around in different directions and are obsessed with his burrito body. Who doesn’t love a good super burrito? We are already salivating at the mouth just looking at him!

He is a super smart, super sweet senior who doesn’t look a day over puppy status. Though he is a senior, Eugene is very active and insists on holding on this youth! Did he discover a secret serum and lap it up reversing any and all signs of aging? That remains a mystery!

Here are some notes from his foster:

What an incredibly sweet little boy.

In many ways Eugene is really an easy companion. He enjoys company, both human and canine. He is a little stiff when he gets up but then he enjoys walking around the house and then taking naps. He does like to go out to the bathroom every couple of hours. He loves being outside walking out on the porch or on the grass.

Eugene very much loves his meals. He has been eating Blue Wilderness canned food with much enthusiasm and will gobble up Pill Pockets.

Eugene thinks he can still do the stairs, but he shouldn’t :) so he needs a carry up and down stairs, fortunately he’s not that heavy and you can kiss his cute face along the way.

Eugene is so smart and so even though he can’t hear as well these days, he will always be on the lookout for you to see what you are up to. This is a huge bonus with fireworks season coming up!!

We’re delighted to report that Eugene is currently in a loving and caring home!

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