9 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Pop Quiz! Who is older, Ethereum or the internet? The internet, but honestly, it’s close. And Ethereum the dog is probably older than Ethereum the cryptocurrency, which naturally means someone named the crypto coin after him! Wow! What could be cooler than adopting something 3,800 times more valuable than the US dollar?? And this little guy is a whole lot better than any NFT-you can’t snuggle with NFTs.

Here’s a note from her foster:

Ethereum is just the sweetest little well mannered lion cub dog! He prefers to spend his days quietly following you around the house and sleeping next to you as you work. Honestly, if sleeping was an olympic sport, he would be Michael Phelps! His second favorite pastime is people watching – you or the TV! He just seems so fascinated with everything around him. It’s adorable. He also is super quiet – I don’t think we’ve ever heard him make a noise!

He has picked up potty training pretty quickly! And if he needs to go potty, he will longingly look at the door to the yard to alert you. He’ll also use a puppy pad in an emergency (though with his not so great eyesight, it may be half on the pad, half on the floor – but the intent is there!).

Other than quickly correcting a pushy, overly friendly dog within an hour of getting to our house, he gets along fine with everyone. He mostly keeps to himself, but will trot around with the pack at breakfast/dinner time to demand food!

We’re delighted to report that Ethereum is currently in a loving and caring home!

Ethereum Ethereum

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