6 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

We have a red alert, and this is not a drill. Muttville was already at its cuteness capacity, and now Emily has brought us to the tipping point. We recommend immediate adoption, otherwise our entire staff might risk total heart meltage. This teeny tiny fluff button is so cute, we might all get lost in here eyes.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Emily has been with me for five days now and we are getting into a groove! She was pretty scared at first (poor little girl has been through a lot!), but warmed up after the first couple of days once she knew she was safe here. She didn’t want to go up or down any stairs at first, but now she prances like a champ now! She goes up them just as well, even though each step is about as tall as she is!

Emily enjoys our walks and her energy level is picking up. She was meandering pretty slowly the first couple of days, but she has found her turbo gear now spends a lot of our walks at top speed! I can hardly keep up sometimes, and my legs are about 100 times longer than hers! Every so often, she’ll slow down to check on some pee mail on a tree, but mostly she wants to feel the wind in her hair as she gallops away.

Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily