Shepherd, Australian/Mix
86 lbs (large)
Status: Adopted

Our boy Elwood is a chunky chocolate shake with extra chonk. He admits he needs to lose weight for his health, but will really miss bacon cheeseburgers. Elwood might be retired now, but back in his day he was one of the top performing Good Boys on the whole west coast. Retired or no, once a Good Boy, always a Good Boy.

Here are some notes from his foster:

Have you seen a small baby brown bear hanging around the streets of the Mission? If so, it’s probably Elwood! This premium Good Boy is a dream. He will woo you with his big golden-brown eyes and long, slow kisses (yes, they are actually longggg and slowwww). He spends most of the day trying to stay cool under his thick coat (he prefers a palm frond, but will settle for a fan) and loves to hang close while I work; no regular barks (although he does occasionally bark to let me know he’d like a pet or a refill on his water) or distraction, just chill. And, when I do need to head out the door, he’s totally happy to lounge solo and hold down the fort. This guy is just looking for a best friend or family to snuggle with.

Understandably, Elwood is a little sensitive about his weight, but he’s started Whole 30 and has big plans to be the first senior swimsuit model on the cover of Dogs Illustrated. Not to get too serious, since Elwood likes to keep it wiggly, but because of his weight, he’s looking for a home that can help him slim down. I usually take him on numerous short walks each day, keep him on a fresh-food & low-cal diet (I’ve supplemented most treats for belly rubs and plush toys, which he seems okay with-when he does get a treat, it’s usually very small and on the healthier side) and lots of love and support along the way. He’s not a huge fan of slick/hard floors, mainly because he struggles to get to his feet and keep his balance on the slippery surface. But, as long as I’m around to make sure he doesn’t get stuck or fall down, he’s fine. He can be a little wary the first time I ask him to go on a hard surface he hasn’t seen before, but once he knows his route/trusts you, he’ll charge on. If I have to leave for an extended period of time, I put down lots of towels, blankets, beds or keep him on the carpet.

Speaking of which! Elwood might be a touch embarrassed to know I’m talking about his bathroom habits, but Page 6 reporters are relentless for gossip! Elwood is pretty stable with his bathroom routine. It’s possible he may still need some light guidance on house training, but a regular walk schedule/positive reinforcement plan has worked so far. He had a few accidents the first couple of days (quite typical for a dog in a new environment), but has since been great about going outside and will hopefully continue to do so.

Elwood has proven to be a champion on leash! He loves to take a short walk and stays comfortably by my side; no tugging. This guy is so sweet, remarkably well-mannered and just an absolute love. I can’t speak highly enough about what an amazing addition he’d make to a single or multi-person home. He gets attached quickly, and while he’s not at all needy, he’ll let you know he wants to be by your side. While I think he’d thrive in a house with a little yard to enjoy, he cannot currently handle stairs and would be fine in an apartment. If you’re looking for a first-class chiller and have time to help him on his fitness journey, Elwood will shower you with a lifetime of love and easy company.

His activity level is low/Medium – we take 3-5 walks a day, each about two full loops around the block but, there are signs of more energy if he can lose some weight and allow his legs to support him for longer. While he might enjoy longer walks, I don’t think his legs/joints can support more than 15-20 minutes yet, so I prefer to keep them short and regular. He’s not currently living with any other dogs, but he’s always friendly on the street when we pass other dogs!

Because of Elwood’s weight, he’s understandably nervous and uncomfortable on slick/hard floors. His legs cannot support him very well right now and the effort/strength required to get himself upright can be especially hard on him. While he CAN usually get to his feet, there are times I’ve needed to help him, especially if he’s been laying down for a while. As a result, I worry about leaving him on hard floors unattended. If I’m home and nearby, I don’t worry about him on the hard floors, and he seems to like them for napping since he gets hot and the floor stays cool. But, if I’m leaving him unattended, I’ve found it’s safest to leave LOTS of towels, blankets, pillows and beds around, so he can more safely maneuver-or, if necessary, I put him on the carpet. Also, Elwood was pretty uneasy the first day getting from my apt to the elevator, going into the elevator and walking from the elevator outside-there was a lot of hard floor along the way. But, after 2-3 outings outside using the same exit route, he was AMAZING and quickly learned the way/gained confidence knowing where he was going. All to say, like many dogs, he’s understandably cautious the first couple of time he’s doing something new, but once he knows what he’s doing, he’s easy and great.

Elwood spends 80% of the day relaxing or napping. He’s incredibly chill/easy. As he’s gotten more comfortable, he has barked a few times-usually just to get my attention, ask for a rub or fill his water. While the barks are pretty infrequent (not more than a few a day), it’s worth noting for someone in an apartment building. Elwood has a little trouble going to sleep at night, but once he’s asleep, he sleeps easily through the night.

We’re delighted to report that Elwood is currently in a loving and caring home!

Elwood Elwood