Dachshund, Miniature Smooth Haired/Chihuahua
13 lbs (small)
Est. age: 16 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Are you lonesome tonight? Well then you need to meet sweet, handsome Elvis because you won’t be able to help falling in love with him. Elvis can’t wait to climb into your lap, bask in your TLC, and feel safe and loved forever. We’re not sure if he can do tricks, but strongly suspect he can at least shake, rattle, and roll.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Elvis is in the building, and he’s a hunk-a-hunk-a-doggie love! From the ears that can hear outer space, to the jowls that jiggle jiggle as he trots along, to his happy belly crawls, this little guy is truly the King.

Elvis is a perfect gentleman at home and so far has a spotless potty training record! He lets me know when he needs to go out, and immediately does his business. While I’m working from home, he spends most of his day napping, making sure to evenly distribute his time between every bed in the house. And he’s SUCH a smart boy – already knows our nighttime meds routine, how to navigate my apartment halls, elevator, and backyard! He responds to his name, and will follow you with just a cheerful “come on!”.

The only notes Elvis sings are little squeaks of happiness when you get home, or grumbles when his dinner is late. He’s sad when left alone, but goes back to napping fairly quickly. When he gets really excited, he’ll bring you things – I’m often greeted by his wiggly tail and his harness in his mouth. Once his mouth is feeling better after his dental, I think he’s really going to like playing tug!

Elvis adores riding in the car, especially when he can stick his nose out the window. He walks on leash very well and moves surprisingly fast! His little legs motor along besides you until he catches scent of something he wants to sniff – quick sniff and pee and he’s back to moving. He truly hasn’t met a human he doesn’t love. Getting pets from strangers on the street is his favorite. And while he’s completely happy with other pups indoors, there’s something about seeing another mutt outdoors when he’s on leash that makes him very concerned and upset. But we’re working on finding out what makes him so concerned so we can help him stay calm!

He’s got some allergy/skin stuff going on (which you wouldn’t really know from his absolutely gorgeous reddish fur!), so he gets medicated baths, with which he’s actually pretty cooperative. He’s currently on a hypoallergenic canned diet and he looooooves it (the first thing he did upon entering my apartment was find the kitchen and plop down on the mat).

I think he’d be very happy with or without any doggy siblings, but he loves chasing cats probably a bit too much to do well with a feline roommate.

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