Dusti Buns

Dusti Buns

Poodle, Miniature/Mix
11 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Talk about bibbity-boppity cuteness! Dusti Buns has tons of pep in her step and is a true belle of the ball. She loves people, she loves her furry friends, and she loves a good soiree where she’s the center of attention. This social butterfly is looking for her perfect human who is ready to party but also wants to be home by midnight before you both turn into pumpkins. Will you be her forever plus one?

Here’s a note from her foster!

Dusti Buns is a sweet little lady who loves laying in her blanket, belly rubs, anything having to do with meals and going on leisurely walks. She’s also quite the fashion model and seems to enjoy wearing clothes! She also enjoys going on rides in the car, anywhere you want to go.

She is quick to bond and doesn’t love it when her person leaves but she’s easy to take along so she’s been going with us most places. She enjoys grooming and takes her pills with ease in a small scoop of peanut butter.

Dusti isn’t able to do stairs so we carry her up and down and we think she’s probably completely deaf, she doesn’t respond to loud, surprise noises. She sleeps well through the night and did I mention she likes food!?

Overall, Miss Buns is a very sweet girl who likes life in the slow lane and to be near her people. She will make a great companion for someone with similar likes!

We’re delighted to report that Dusti Buns is currently in a loving and caring home!

Dusti Buns Dusti Buns Dusti Buns Dusti Buns Dusti Buns Dusti Buns Dusti Buns Dusti Buns Dusti Buns Dusti Buns

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