42 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted for hospice care

Meet Dupree, a slow-going Super Senior whose matinee idol looks haven’t faded one bit since his days of silver screen stardom. His pace may be more leisurely now, and he prefers the couch to the after party, but he’s still got the mojo that made him a megastar. Dupree is so sweet and friendly with everyone he meets, including kids and other dogs. If you don’t mind the occasional paparazzo snooping through your trash bins, you should definitely invite Dupree to move in with you.

Here’s a note from his foster:

Dupree is a prince! He’s just so incredibly sweet. He likes the kids a lot and will follow my daughter around. And he co-exists so well with my pack of dogs, large and small!

His vision and hearing are pretty limited but he gets around well! He’s got a great appetite – I’m feeding him 5 small meals a day to improve his weight and he’s loving it. And I think he is housetrained too. Oh and sleeps through the night! Such a good boy!

Dupree is a doll and his forever family will be so lucky

After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Dupree is living life to the fullest in our Hospice Program, under which one of our special hospice families has provided him with a loving home and the very best possible end-of-life care. Please wish Dupree well!

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Meet Dupree!
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