Terrier, American Pit Bull
38 lbs (medium)
Est. age: 9 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Usually when you hear the name Dulce and Gabbana you instantly think of the famous clothes designer. Someone who is upscale, classy and elegant. Dulce is all of these things minus the eye for design and the drive to be wealthy. She enjoys the simple life and doesn’t have a flashy bone in her body. She considers herself a baller on a budget. Her favorite things to do are checking out the local flea markets on the weekends, hitting up garage sales and estate sales, and browsing her favorite thrift stores. Dulce is an amazing thrift store shopper. The outfits she finds and puts together are unique and extremely creative. Everywhere she goes she gets complimented on her style. When people on the street stop to chat with her about her cool blazer or snazzy shoes, they instantly are drawn to her engaging personality. She is friendly, charming and loving. People often tell her she has an old soul. Her soul may be old but Dulce has a zest for life. Ready to take on new adventures and indulge in creative outlets.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Dulce is a very sweet girl, when in doubt give her a snuggle. She’s a very close companion and is either napping in her bed or acting as an adorable shadow. Loves people and is always looking for passers by to give her a head scratch

She’s a great walking companion we even went 4 miles through golden gate park and she’s very good on the leash. So far we haven’t made any doggie friends but she does seem interested.

She’s very cuddly and will snuggle into you or lay next to you. She likes to be pet everywhere except the tips of her very cute floppy ears.

She is very interested in Mirrors, she looks at herself or will use them to look at you. She can be a smart young lady.

She doesn’t love taking baths but didn’t fight me on it and was okay with the hair dryer on low heat.

Has a plethora of ear expressions – finding new cuteness modes every day

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