Dreamy Mimi

Dreamy Mimi

Chihuahua, Short Coat
10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Epic derp + resting sad face = the irresistible cuteness of Dreamy Mimi! We swear she is real, you are not dreaming! Her neck rolls are begging to be massaged, her belly is waiting for rubs and her barks are completely darling. Are you up to the responsibility?

Here is what her foster has to say about her!

Dreamy Mimi has been doing so well since she came to me. She wasn’t feeling well the first couple days and was disoriented, and scared, but she has come out of her shell quickly and revealed her sweet, adorable and ever so slightly sassy personality. Give her a few rubs on her belly and she will open up to you in no time. Like, literally open up and position herself for maximum belly surface area ready for rubs!

She is a great little walker-she keeps up with me and my young 50lb pittie just fine! She loves sniffing and exploring the neighborhood streets of San Francisco. After her walks she loves to have a little snack (boiled chicken please), and then is ready for a restorative snooze. Oh, and in case you have forgotten or are a little slow with her snack, she will remind you with couple of barks, as if to say, "Hey, lady, I’d like my chicken now.

She is mostly potty trained. A few pee accidents inside, but I take her outside immediately after she wakes from sleep (naps and overnight) and she reliably pees outside. And she has never had an inside poop accident. Yay, Mimi!

She seems mostly indifferent to other dogs but doesn’t mind if they sniff her or say hi.

Mimi also welcomes any opportunity to be in your lap or cuddle right next to you on the couch and in bed. But she is also independent enough to sleep/rest in her own bed or on a pile of blankets. She’s a very sweet and cuddly girl!

She has been a great little sidekick! She charms everyone she meets-she’s just so cute with a very cute little personality. She really is such a dream girl!

We’re delighted to report that Dreamy Mimi is currently in a loving and caring home!

Dreamy Mimi Dreamy Mimi Dreamy Mimi Dreamy Mimi Dreamy Mimi Dreamy Mimi Dreamy Mimi Dreamy Mimi Dreamy Mimi

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