Pinscher, Miniature
11 lbs (small)
Est. age: 13 yrs
Status: Available

Our Dr. Seuss is named for one of the author’s lesser known characters: the Leggy True Boo of MinPinAroo, a high-spirited imp with an infinite capacity for fun. In the book he’s a gigantic blue marsupial. In real life, he’s an itty bitty chocolate brown min-pin with red spots and splashes. He’s a Guys! Guys! Guys! guy who bounces, skips, sambas and break dances through life, kissing, playing, and leaping into laps. He stops and rolls for tum rubs, snuggles and high fives. He takes walks and hikes, sometimes more than once a day. The technical term is "active senior. The reality is “peppy loverboy with puppy vibes and a taste for adventure”. Adopt him and have it all!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

We have had the pleasure of fostering Dr. Seuss or "Doc as we call him. Initially he was nervous but by the third day his cute little personality came out and began to shine! He loves to completely bury himself under blankets! He loves going for walks and enjoys playing with toys… for a few minutes anyway. What he really loves is cuddling with his person, basking in the sun and snuggling under soft blankets. He sleeps through the night and goes potty outside.

Dr. Seuss would prefer to be the only Dr. in the house. He likes to be the king of the castle when it comes to other dogs. He is very sweet and loving and was great with my grand daughter…could not get enough of her!

We are enjoying every minute with this sweet, perfect little guy!

Dr.Seuss Dr.Seuss Dr.Seuss Dr.Seuss Dr.Seuss Dr.Seuss