11 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Doogie is pom perfection!

This fluffy cutie is playful, bouncy and so sweet. He loves zooming around and checking in with his buddies. Doogie is too adorable with his derpy tongue, sweet face and overall wonderfulness.

Here’s what his foster has to say about him:

“Doogie is an adorable blond, Pomeranian and the title of “cutest dog in the world” fits him well! He is a true lap-dog, very loving, he just wants to snuggle on the couch with his favorite person petting and loving on him! He will roll over and politely pat your hand with his paw reminding you to keep going.

He is a polite, low-maintenance companion dog who bonds quickly and easily with his special person and would fit in well with just about anyone. So far I’ve only seen him interact with adults, he picks his favorite person quickly to bond with, but is attentive and loving to the 2 adults and friends in our household.

I can’t imagine that he’d have any problems with kids and because he is sturdy rather than delicate, it’s not as important to be very careful handling him. He’s nimble and energetic and when he gets excited to play, he runs around at top speed, and leaps on and off the couch with no trouble at all… seems like a puppy. He get very excited to see his leash taken out and he stands up on his hind legs, turning round and round in circles of glee!

He’s potty-trained and between a few moderate walks per day, he learned quickly to go out into the yard for pee breaks. At first he wanted to lift his leg and mark on potted plants and areas where the other dogs went, but that only lasted for one day, and now all is well in puppy land with my 2 other small dogs and Doogie.

He loves people (especially men) and he does well with adult cats and other small dogs, but tends to ignore them, which is just purrrfect for them, he just wants his human all to himself and would love to live with someone who is home with him. We’ve also learned that he loves kids and will jump up to lick their faces. He is mostly quiet all the time but he can also be a good little watch dog and will bark at big dogs on his walks or if something seems amiss.

His personality is very happy, playful and affectionate. He can be both energetic, tossing his toys around in bouts of play… and then become a couch potato, rearranging his snuggle blankets for a good long nap. He also sleeps well through the night and even waits for you to wake him up in the morning!

He has missing teeth, so certain foods are easier for him to eat, he loves pieces of chicken (human grade of course) mixed with a little kibble and a bit of rice. He’s hard of hearing, so he makes eye contact and watches for hand signals, like waving to get his attention and to let him know you’re ready to play, or eat, or go for a walk.

He walks well with harness and leash, but can get distracted by all the yummy smells and not pay attention to you and since he can’t hear too well, you need to be in his line of sight to direct him. He does understand what a few quick tugs on the leash means – listen-up! He learns routine quickly and seems very intelligent. He went through the doggie door just from patting the area in encouragement a few times.

He just had his summer haircut, so he looks like a cute, fuzzy little bear, but his luxurious Pom fur will grow back in abundance for winter and will need brushing and grooming.

This sweet boy is just looking for a comfy couch and his next best friend to cuddle up with!"

We’re delighted to report that Doogie is currently in a loving and caring home!

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