Min Pin/Chihuahua Mix
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Adopted

Dobby! everyone’s favorite little house elf, and this guy lives up to the hype.

Dobby is as precious and innocent as they come, he is a beautiful red MinPin mix. From what we’ve seen he’d be a perfect little apartment dog or thoroughly enjoy a big home. He gets along well with other dogs of all sizes and he’s not too pushy just ready to be a friend.

This perfect little boy can’t wait to cuddle up and be your new best friend.

Dobby is guesstimated to be 10 yrs young and weighs 8lbs.


Dobby is an alert, easy and quiet little guy! He was a little nervous at first, so it’s been really nice to see him feel safe and let his sweet personality emerge.

He loves napping and sleeping through the entire night in his self-made blanket tunnels and zenning out when I give him head scritches. But he’s also happy to go on walks, with leisurely sniffing stops before short, quick trots to the next interesting smell!

He’s very spry and can easily handle our stairs and hopping onto the couch. He’s a little shy with the people and dogs we meet on our walks, but will politely sniff them. He’s been fine with our senior chihuahua mix and is happy to follow her lead. He does great being left alone and sweetly greets me when I return.

We had a few house training accidents with him the first few days, but he’s improving now that he knows our routine and is getting a little reinforcement with regular trips to the back yard.

He’s been such a sweet dog and will be a great match for anyone who is up for a mellow, gentle and sweet dog who still has pep in his step!

Dobby Dobby Dobby Dobby Dobby Dobby