Corgi, Cardigan Welsh/Chihuahua
24 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Want to know the way to Dibley’s heart? It’s not money or fancy things. All you need is your hands, some free time, and a dog brush. Dibley’s favorite thing in life is to connect with you during a good brushing session. He is one heck of a good boy! Loves kids, loves other dogs, and just loves life in general. If you’re looking for a dog who doesn’t tear up the newspaper or go potty in the wrong place, you must meet Dibley! He’s the dog of your dreams…

Here’s some notes from his foster:

This amazing gem of a foster dog continues to shine! Dibley is a social butterfly, getting along famously with kids, other dogs, and absolutely adores everyone – men, women, and welcomes every guest into the home with his trademark friendliness.

He is becoming much more fond of walking. Dibley has begun to embrace short walks with a newfound charm. He takes it sniff by sniff , gradually picking up momentum as he discovers the joy of a leisurely stroll, one paw at a time! While he may not walk miles and miles he always walks with a great big smile! His true happiness still comes from playing fetch – something that we do every single day, he’s a good boy, who drops the ball without you having to ask and he patiently waits if you need a break.

Housebroken and a stellar eater, he’s conquered stairs fearlessly (though they might not top his favorites list). His ultimate joy? Playing fetch! However, he’s not one for leisurely walks, preferring the thrill of a good game instead. This lovable pup is a true delight in every way! He would make an excellent family dog. He is low maintenance , and his chill style would fit into anyone’s life.

He is the ultimate companion and loves to be with his people but also is a dream when left home alone.

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