7 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Here’s some notes from his foster

Little Dez is a very low-maintenance chihuahua that likes to sit/nap in your bean bag, couch, bed, lap, or whatever is plush and comfortable. He doesn’t make any noise and is one of the quietest fosters I’ve had. He just lays quietly until you need him for a cuddle or pet and he is always welcome to help you out when you want some stress relief. He’s literally a good, quiet, and respectful boy in the apartment. Whenever someone enters the apartment, he perks up, starts wagging his tail, and says hi to whoever enters the room. He likes to meet new people, so strangers are no problem for him! If belly rubs are a possibility, Dez is very available for you! With other dogs, he’s pretty respectful of their personal space. If a dog doesn’t like him or shows any negative energy, he will just park himself on the other side of the room and mind his business. If another dog wants to initiate play or be social, Dez is open to the idea and will play along until he feels he’s done. Dez was a little shy the first 2 days with me, which is understandable. He wouldn’t eat and just get a feel for his surroundings. Once he felt safe and comfortable, he would start to eat and even initiate play with me. I took Dez to a Park Concert with me and he was as friendly as can be and just wanted to be held like a baby! The music and crowds did not distract him at all!

For walks, that might be a little bit of an issue. I have a feeling that in his previous life, he might have been carried around most of the time. Whenever we go out, he’s open to the idea of “being out” but the idea of “walking” is 50/50. If he doesn’t want to talk, he’ll just stop and look at you, with his eyes telling you he wants to be carried. If he does walk, it’s at a very slow snail’s pace. He likes to take his time and smell everything! I’ve been having success with carrying him out to some grassy areas in my neighborhood. Doing this will encourage him to walk since it seems like he really likes the smell of nature and grass. If there’s no grass or nature around, he probably won’t feel motivated to walk at all. It would probably be best if Dez went to a home with a backyard so he can take his time to smell everything and do his business at his own pace. Also, a dog carrier or doggie satchel is definitely recommended for this fancy dog!

We’re delighted to report that Desi is currently in a loving and caring home!

Meet Desi!
Desi Desi Desi Desi Desi Desi