Poodle, Miniature
11 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Have you ever found a baby bird? Stopped in your tracks as your heart exploded? Grabbed a shoebox and gently escorted it home? Prepare for a flashback when you meet Denise, a little dab of poodle with white curls, button nose and nicely upholstered ears. Perched on a blankie in the sun, she invites pure delight and a rush of protective feels. She’s no baby, though. A sturdy and sociable senior, she can hold her own. Which is not to say that she doesn’t need an adoring companion right this minute. Grab a dog bed and escort her home!

Here are some notes from her foster:

Some updates from our second day:

Denise started peeing outside in our fenced backyard, which makes me think she just needed some time to get over her meds.

Denise was very happy on a leash outside in the neighborhood. She doesn’t seem reactive at all (cars, people, dogs, etc.). We still haven’t heard a peep out of her.

Denise started eating and started her medication.

She had another successful night in a cozy dog bed next to her foster parents’ bed.

Denise came to us yesterday afternoon after a dental and a spay. Here is an update on her:


She is super quiet. She hasn’t made a peep, even around another barking dog sister, doorbell rings, etc.

She seems very gentle and non-reactive.

She knows about blankets and couches and wants to be on them.

So far so good with kids: We have a 3 y/o boy who really wants to pet her and love her and she has obliged / not reacted at all.

So far so good with dogs: She appears friendly / agnostic about our other dog (female, senior, 15 lb dachshund who is loud and barks a lot). Denise seems happy to be near her.

Sleeping: Denise slept all night in a dog bed next to foster parents’ bed.

Potty training: So far she is not really clear on how to pee outside in a fenced backyard. 2 pees outside and 3 pees inside. Taking her out seems to wake her up enough for her to come back inside and pee. She gives lots of warning by walking around and looking for a spot so I can put down a pee pad.

Health: We’re only a day beyond two procedures (dental and spay), but she’s walking around pretty easily. She has barely eaten and as a result has not started her meds.

Stairs: We’ve been avoiding stairs so far because of the procedures, but she’s shown the ability to do at least one step at a time, up or down.

Appetite: So far she’s only been nibbling on her food.

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