Deja Blue

Deja Blue

Pinscher, Miniature/Chihuahua
12 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

You are familiar with the couch potato. How about the couch tomato? Meet Deja Blue. Loves a comfy spot as much as the next gal, but brings more zest, vitamins and color to the brand. She’s a trim little so-and-so with excellent social skills, lots of pep and enviable posture, especially when she takes a seat for a treat. Also: She’s smart as a whip and has crowd-pleasing ears. It’s a lot, we know, but you deserve her!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Cats: Deja Blue is cat friendly for sure! I get the feeling she has lived with cats before because she was completely unfazed when I introduced my cat to her. She doesn’t chase the cat and basically ignores her, which is perfect. .

Affection: 11 out of 10. Deja is VERY affectionate. She really loves to be with her person. She will insist on sleeping in the bed with her person. She and I and my cat all share a bed with no problems. As soon as I plop down on the couch she snuggles up right next to me. She gives kisses and nuzzles. She follows you around sweetly with very polite sits. I think she’d love a person who works from home at least part of the time so she can be a work buddy and snuggle to provide moral support! She needs and loves snuggles and affection so thats important for any potential adopters!

Sleeping: This girl sleeps through the night no problem! And she likes to sleep in too! The best way to get her up in the morning is to start dishing up breakfast because she loves to eat! She does not want to sleep alone but is an excellent sleeping companion so why should she?

Walks: Walks great on leash-very easy to dress with her harness. Does tend to bark at dogs she encounters on leash and some people but I think this may be out of self protectiveness or protecting me. Loves walks and to sniff and explore. Can walk and prance at a very good pace! Also loves a yard if you have one to explore.

Stairs: Learning. At first she seemed to not be familiar with stairs so I carried her but now she’s learning and doing great on the stairs on her own! If she gets tired I carry her.

Potty training: She seems completely housebroken! Not a single accident. I take her out 3-4 times a day and seems to be plenty but I’ve been told she will bark at door if she needs to go out (hasn’t come up here since I take her out before she needs to do that).

She is a sweet spunky but delicate soul who really loves her person. I can tell she’s had an owner that loved her very much in the past and I think she is a little scared to have lost that person so just needs some extra love and caring and protection. I want the absolute best for her.

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