16 lbs (small)
Est. age: 13 yrs
Status: Available for hospice adoption

How to Adopt

Sweet cuddlebear Dalton loves love: snuggles, pets, hanging out with friends and making new ones (which is everyone he meets). And he’s so easy to love, with a darling nubbin tail that only stops wagging when he’s snoozing, the ideal physique for couch potato snoozle time, and a delightful personality. He’s currently sporting a stylish short summer coat; it’ll be a soft stunning brown and black floof by winter. Dalton is estimated to be 11 years young and weighs 14lbs.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Dalton loves pets and snuggles, he generally ignores other dogs but enjoys being around others. He’s here for all the pets! He definitely attaches to his person and will try to know where that person is at all times.

He can walk on a leash but his vision means he’ll need some direction & coaching. His walking was minimal when he first arrived – but over the last week he has transformed and tonight he walked most of the way to the park and all over Alamo sq. He’s not fast, but he enjoys trotting about sniffing things and just the movement of it all. I’ve been really impressed with his improved mobility.

He does also enjoy the stroller – but if he’s standing up in the stroller, that means he wants to walk – and if I put him down, he’ll trot about in the direction that I’m walking. I’ve been trying to get in more walking for him to help with his weight loss, and tonight we did some loops around the tennis court at Alamo Square and he was a pro!

He does not do any stairs. He can sometimes navigate one stair – but he will also just walk off the edge of a stair, so we generally avoid and he gets carried up and down.

His eating is not yet fully consistent but with a salmon topper, he will eat most of his food, although sometimes he will eat some, take a break and then with fresh salmon topper, eat more.

Dalton is the perfect little pooch – all snuggles and snoozing and cute little trotting as he follows me around the house. About 10% of the time he’ll be cry-moaning/groaning usually for food, water, potty or pets. The thing I have not yet seen with him is "play behaviour. In the morning – he’s slow to get out of bed (coziness is always the top priority.

Before Dalton can settle into night-time sleep, he needs an evening poop walk. Once that’s out of the way he will sleep the night through without any fuss. He goes to bed around 7:30/8 PM.

Dalton is doing so much better than when he first arrived, when he was just kind of lost, and scared, and in pain. Now, he’s such a snuggle bug. I think his vision is quite impaired, and possibly his hearing, but he’s learning to navigate the house and is following me everywhere. He definitely knows who I am now and trusts me. Just now he was trying to figure out where to sleep and his preferred spot was a pile of laundry.

I have found that if he is crying if I just pet him, he will stop and usually just snuggle up to sleep. He loves to be on my lap – he’s just a little big to be there all the time!

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