Terrier, Pit Bull
52 lbs (large)
Status: Adopted

Dakota is a friendly and joyful pitbull mix. She’s in fantastic shape and has the most adorable ears that’ll make your heart melt. Her happy spirit shines through her tail wag. Dakota is a social butterfly who loves to be around people. She’s ready to bring lots of love and happiness to a new forever home. She’s a bundle of happiness waiting to be your best friend. Don’t miss the chance to make her a part of your life.

Here are some notes from her foster:

As I’ve suspected with my other foster dogs, Dakota must have lived in a home before she found herself at Muttville because she is extremely well-behaved. Dakota is a very good girl. She’s good with cats and kids. She knows how to sit and comes when called. She is house-broken. She doesn’t encroach upon the food of my other dogs or even my cats. She does not gnaw or chew or scratch or rub. She does not jump up on my furniture unless invited. No bad habits like eating paper or ripping plastic bags. I live in a two-floor condo with laminate flooring and no backyard, and she seems to do just fine navigating it all.

She’s acclimated well since arriving and has been content to simply lay quietly, peacefully, and patiently on my bed when we’re home. She doesn’t bother me while I’m working and just sleeps or follows me around the house. Dakota is very intelligent. She catches on very fast. You really only need to show her something once.

When it’s time to go out, Dakota is all in. She enjoys going on walks. I’ve been taking her on hikes and to local dog parks. Dakota walks well on leash. She is treat-motivated and will follow anyone who gives her something tasty. However, I wouldn’t say that she’s food obsessed as she stops eating at home when she’s had enough and doesn’t stare while I’m eating.

At the dog park, Dakota mostly follows me around or walks around the perimeter. Dakota is friendly with other dogs and other people. She’s very sweet and not at all aggressive. She likes to sniff other dogs, but I’m not sure she knows how to play. She’s happy to go up to people who call out to her or reach out to pet her. With dogs, she mostly sits and stares while they wrestle and chase, like she’s watching a flash mob in an airport. However, when I start playing with her, she acts like an excited puppy and goads me to chase her. The interest and impulse to play is definitely there. So is the energy. Dakota is quite spry and might have more stamina than one would think a dog her age would have. Also, I get lots of comments that she looks much younger than her age. She’s definitely a senior dog with a young spirit.

Dakota would be perfect for someone who’s a little more active. I don’t think she needs to be taken out jogging or hiking up Mt. Tam every week, but a brisk walk every day would probably be ideal at keeping her mind and body in good shape. She’ll make an excellent and loving addition to any household.

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